🚨JUST IN: Baltimore Ravens star player Lamar Jackson, Reveals He’s GAY Due To…

🚨JUST IN: Baltimore Ravens star player Lamar Jackson, Reveals He’s GAY Due To…

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has come out as gay, making him one of the few active NFL players to publicly declare their homosexuality. The announcement was made through a statement released on Jackson’s personal social media accounts earlier today.


In his heartfelt statement, Jackson expressed, “This is more than just a personal revelation; it’s about being true to myself and embracing who I am. I hope my coming out can help challenge stereotypes and show that your sexual orientation does not define your abilities or potential, on or off the field.”

The NFL and the Baltimore Ravens quickly showed their support for Jackson. The Ravens released a statement saying, “Lamar is an incredible player and a valuable member of our team. His courage to share his truth makes us proud. He has our full support, and we stand by him as a key part of our Ravens family.”


This landmark announcement is seen as a significant step forward in the realm of sports where LGBTQ+ visibility has been limited. Fans and supporters have taken to social media to express their support for Jackson, praising his bravery. His declaration comes during a critical time of advocacy for more inclusivity and acceptance within professional sports, highlighting ongoing discussions about the experiences of LGBTQ+ athletes.


Lamar Jackson’s decision to come out publicly marks a momentous day not only for him personally but also for the broader sports community, as it continues to navigate and promote inclusiveness and diversity within its ranks.

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