49ers Confident in Playoff Form Despite Rest Concerns

49ers Confident in Playoff Form Despite Rest Concerns


One of the concerns of the 49ers going into the regular season finale was “rust vs. restandquot; discourse.On the other hand, it was a pointless game that could only have a negative effect with injuries.

The flip side is that resting too many starters would give to them two weeks off, which could rust the division in the playoffs. It’s always a difficult balance, and there’s really no concrete answer. It’s more of a unique formula that each team can figure out what works for them.

The 49ers found theirs, making most of their key plays in just a few plays.It wasn’t a full game yet, so the potential for rust is still there.

But I don’t think for a second that rust will be an issue for the 49ers as they begin their playoff run in the divisional round. First, Kyle Shanahan won’t let that happen. It all starts with how they practice, and that’s an emphasis Shanahan strongly believes in in training camp.

He prefers practice time in camp to actual preseason games, so he has the right plan to work off the rust in the playoffs.andquot;We should get two really hard practices,andquot; Shanahan said of their Bye Week plan. andquot;Last week I thought we had one.


But we get two hard ones, probably put the pillows on top of the other. Tomorrow those guys will practice and probably a little bit on the field, just throwing the football and doing some skills and guys just doing individual things but not practicing.

So we have two real days, so tomorrow a little bit of everything from a training perspective. Then we’ll give them the weekend.”The other reason rust isn’t a problem, and it has to do with their practice habits, is that the 49ers are too tall a team for that to happen.

Rust is They. sure have to admit that , so they do everything they can to avoid it, and hard training helps. But it’s also the maturity of the 49ers.

Their culture must be focused and locked down. They take nothing for granted in the playoffs now. They are ready to play when the divisional round goes against someone.Even if the rust shows up, the 49ers are too talented to let it derail them. It would not affect them more than the beginning of the game. Rust is usually a major problem when teams take a lot of time off, but that shouldn’t be the case with this 49ers team..

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