49ers Face Dilemma: Resting Starters for Playoffs Amidst Bye Week

49ers Face Dilemma: Resting Starters for Playoffs Amidst Bye Week

Kyle Shanahan and Christian McCaffrey as the 49ers approach the bye in their final game The layoff of two straight weeks could be considered a performance detriment when the 49ers return to host the divisional round, possibly against a team like the Rams or Seattle Seahawks depending on the upset situation.

While Shanahan said it’s impossible to rest everyone, he acknowledged some players will sit out the game. He stated that the week of practice will be significant and that roster decisions will be made during the week. “Definitely trying to rest some guys,” Shanahan said.

“But I mean you can’t give everybody a break. It’s too hard. You don’t have enough players. So we definitely had to create a team. And we have a big training week ahead of us. I still think there are a lot of things that we obviously need to improve and the only way to do that is to play football and practice football. So we have a big Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, make your list as the week goes on and decide what we’re going to do on Sunday.


” PFF’s best and worst rated 49ers players vs. commanders and rushing totals “Trent Williams, LT, 93.2, 65 snaps” 49ers RB Christian McCaffrey sat out Week 18 with a mild calf strain “Shanahan added that the decisions to rest starters are not just about stopping a game, but also about how much they practice during the week, which can make players who play work harder than usual and therefore more prone to injury.

“When you give guys a game, the drills change and that can hurt guys a lot, just to develop bad habits and I’ve seen that cost a lot of teams,” Shanahan said. “You rest players and sometimes it gets more players injured. So all things have to be balanced and therefore there is no clear decision on anything. You have to look at each individual and each situation and play through it during the week.

” What Kyle Shanahan had to say after the Week 17 49ers win against the Chiefs “San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke to reporters during a conference call Monday, a day after the team’s 27-10 win over the Washington Commander.

Here’s all he had to say.” CMC will resign Week 18 vs. Rams with slight right calf strain “Shanahan was non-committal about whether quarterback Brock Purdy would play against the Rams. He had points in the previous two games but was out of Sunday’s game with no issues.

The 49ers can have up to seven inactive players, and cornerback Ambry Thomas is one of them. Thomas will undergo surgery on Tuesday for his broken arm. He should be available for the 49ers when the playoffs begin. Silver: “Show!” Slack Tip, iPhone Clip, and How the 49ers Learned They’re the NFC’s Top Seed (Paywall) “Approaching the locker room door, Samuel slowed his pace, focusing on a small object that happened to be in my hand: an iPhone carrying Fox’s feed of the Cardinals-Eagles game.

Niners general manager John Lynch and I watched as Arizona, a heavy underdog trailing by just three points, reached Philly’s 5-yard line in the final minute. The moment mattered: a Philly loss would allow SF to clinch the NFC’s top seed and a first-round bye, the No. 1 -regular-season award.”

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