49ers Fans Dominate Away Game, Rally at FedExField

49ers Fans Dominate Away Game, Rally at FedExField

Jason Verrettand’s return to the NFL field at Christmas was a long time coming. The 49ers cornerback hasn’t played in 834 days since he first tore his ACL in San Francisco in the 2021 season opener, then tore his Achilles trying to return in November 2022. But despite all that, Verrett recently found himself back on the practice squad in San Francisco and even played for the team in Monday night’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens after being promoted, a welcome gift for the 32-year-old. years old, who before his injuries was considered 49ersand#039; top corner As Verrett attempted another comeback this season, the veteran reached out to 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan.

There’s something he talked to me about over the summer that he was trying to come back from andquot; Shanahan told Greg Papa about the latest andquot;49ers Game Plan a period I had a bunch of players come up to me and#039;Hey, JVand#039;works. will you ever explore him?and#039; and I mean, when you go through head injuries and stuff, you never want to act like it’s going to happen.

But you never hold anybody back and I was like and#039;Yeah, JV. When you come back, we’ll give you a test drive and #039; and the head surpassed its tail.andquot; Shanahan explained that Verrett worked for the 49ers and looked more like the old JV and before spending several weeks with the Houston Texansand#039; practice group During practice, Shanahan said the 49ers had maximized the number of practice squad veterans and could not sign Verrett.

But after a long pass, Chris Conley was cut from the practice squad before the 49ersand#039; There was a spot for Verrett in a Week 14 game in San Francisco against the Seattle Seahawks and he decided to return and He had so many guys on the team that he kind of wanted out of here, where it ended with [his] injuries,and Shanahan said he spoke with former 49ers defensive coordinator and current Texans coach DeMeco Ryans about how good Verrett looked in practice and I got there, [and] Bona#039;is spent two great weeks with us,andquot; Shanahan continued.


It was really amazing that she looked like what she went through. It’s hard when you’re not on the field for a while.andquot; Verrett made five starts for the 49ersand#039; loss to the Ravens and allowed a touchdown pass from Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson to wide receiver Nelson Agholor in the third quarter.

But Shanahan was impressed that Verrett was even able to participate in the game after all he had been through. andquot;I think that and#039;is an achievement in itself,andquot; Shanahan spoke to Verrett’s Dad#039; limited playing time and He had a good week of practice this week. We’ll see how the roster looks on Sunday, but he’s a guy that can help us and you need that at this time of year and It remains to be seen how much of an impact Verrett will have as the regular season winds down and the 49ers prepare for their third straight NFL playoff appearance. But one thing is for sure, the perspective and story of the veterans will surely be an inspiration for all injured players.


Kyle Shanahan is “exhausted” from talking about Brock Purdy’s four interceptions

49ers quarterback Brock Purdy threw four interceptions in a loss to the Ravens on Monday night. 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said the bigger issue than the interceptions was how Purdy responded to them. Shanahan was asked Friday how Purdy responded.

Shanahan made it clear that he was done talking about Purdy and four-pick nights. andquot;Yes, he was great,and Shanahan said I don’t think it’s bad, but I’m so exhausted talking about the interceptions in our last game, but it was like every other week and like every other game.

He goes through each play one at a time and tries to do his best. Tired or not, when a great team loses and has one glaring impact, it becomes a theme and remains a theme until the next game. Purdy seems to understand this instinctively. Later, Shanahan was asked about Purdy and the ability to talk to reporters after a bad game or a bad moment, and the head is not defensive at all and is very open about what happened and mistakes done.

“I just think that’s who he is, and quot; Shanahan said. And quot; That’s who he is when I coach him. He says what he thinks. I say what I think. Heand is a very modest man, but very competitive. It’s just Brock. I saw and as I see him talking to people here. Head always takes responsibility.

He doesn’t do it just because he knows how to talk to the media. That’s how he looks at things. He always looks inside first and really feels it. Sometimes I think he’s too hard on himself in that regard. Not too hard on myself, it is and so is he. But it’s great that he never shows any disappointment.

I think he has it pretty easy because I don’t think he has a lot of frustration with other people. I think he’s always thinking about what could be done better. That’s good news for the 49ers as they try to turn things around and become the #1 seed in the NFC.

It also helped prevent Shanahan from talking so much about another topic that probably left him andquot;so exhausted,andquot; – his last game against the Washington franchise where he and his father worked and from which he and his father were fired.

49ers projected to have sizeable fan presence on road vs. Commanders

SANTA CLARA — When Nick Bosa started walking out of the locker room after 49ersand#039; loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Monday night, the All-Pro defensive end turned around, seemingly forgetting something. “If you’re going to write about something, write about it,” Bosa told members of the media who interviewed him recently.

“Write about the faithful. They were as vocal at the end of the game as they were at the beginning. They were amazing.” The 49ers Faithful were there for the 2023 NFL season and very loud regardless of conditions or location. After San Francisco’s four games through the first three quarters and the Christmas loss, many fans stayed in Levi’s Stadium until the bitter end.

The reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year took notice. On Sunday, the faithful will make their presence known again – this time already on the road. According to ticket outlet Vivid Seats, 49ers fans represent 42 percent of the FedExField crowd in Week 17 to see their team face the Washington Commanders.

Since coach Kyle Shanahan and general manager John Lynch took over the reins of the organization in 2017, 49ers fans across the country have found their way to multiple NFL stadiums to watch their team play. Not only do they arrive early to watch the players warm up, get autographs and take pictures — they’re loud. Even in places as hostile as Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, fans showed up to support the 49ers.

There are so many frequent traveling 49ers fans and they are so loud that you can hear their cheers over the airwaves when you are overseas. While Sunday’s game in Washington may not be a hidden matchup between the 49ers and Ravens, expect to see plenty of red and gold in the stadium. Bosa would certainly expect nothing less.

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