49ers’ Hargrave Returns, Jennings in Concussion Protocol Ahead of Ravens Clash

49ers’ Hargrave Returns, Jennings in Concussion Protocol Ahead of Ravens Clash


49ers injury report: Hargrave to return to practice before Ravens game

“Defensive Tackle Javon Hargrave returned to practice Friday after missing the 49ers’ Week 15 game with a hamstring injury.

Hargrave participated in limited practice after suffering a hamstring injury in the team’s game against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. Wide receiver Jauan Jennings sat out with a concussion he suffered against the Cardinals. Jennings remains in NFL return protocol.

Jennings, defensive end Arik Armstead (foot and knee), tight end Ross Dwelly (ankle) and linebacker Oren Burks (knee) did not practice as the 49ers prepared to face the Baltimore Ravens on Christmas Eve.

Why 49ers Center Jake Brendel’s NFL Career Is a Unique Tablet Find (Paywall)

Silver lining: Despite playing in the dugout, his lack of real playing time means a remarkably sparse medical file for the 30-year-old. When asked about his little wear and tear, Brendel said he was like a “barn find.” Did you find the barn? “When you think about it, you know you’re going to buy a 1969 Camaro and you’re going to put it in a barn for about 50 years,” Brendel said.

“And then you break it and it’s in pristine condition.” Brendel’s odd career arc made contract negotiations difficult early in his age-31 season. Brendel and Downey demanded a four-year deal, citing limited mileage on his odometer. Between December 3, 2018 and September 10, 2022, Brendel played six regular season snaps. And then he had 1,080 last season when he started all 17 games.

Who else does that? – We hit a bit of a wall in the offseason just because there is no comp, said Brendel. – There is no one in the league who is in my position. No one even closes because the career I chose is so strange and unusual. … There are no comparables (offensive linemen) who are in their 7th or 8th year and sign a four-year deal.

CMC impresses the entire 49ers offense with lavish gifts

“McCaffrey offered golf clubs and a bottle of tequila to every offensive lineman on the team. His gifts were in front of the players’ lockers when they finished practice on Friday.

“I thought if they didn’t play golf, at some point in their lives they would,” McCaffrey said. “So it’s better to be prepared than not. It’s nice to have a bag of clubs in your garage.”……….”Do the clubs come with a custom bag? And a bottle of tequila? I’m not going to be mad about it,” Kittle said.

“It’s a really great gift on the offense. It’s great to be a part of a team that has guys that want to give it their all. The attackers were also given a bottle of Celaya Tequila, which has a football association. Ryan and Matt Kalil are the founders of Celaya. The brothers were longtime NFL tight ends who both played with McCaffrey when he was with the Carolina Panthers.

Kyle Juszczyk of the 49ers admits to being a quarterback

“So while Juszczyk might be catching punts at 49ers practice, Ricard is on the opposite side of the field jumping through offensive line drills. “I want to make sure they use me and value me, so what can I do to improve myself and become good at crime?” Richard said.

“I know I might be asked to pass the shield and if I can work on it and learn the technique…I think it could help me.” Juszczyk and Ricard are perfect case studies of how today’s quarterback, who really doesn’t play quarterback much, has to play to continue as a key cog in two of the league’s most prolific offenses. Through 14 games, Juszczyk played 47.5% of the Niners’ snaps, the most of any cornerback.

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