49ers Look to Rebound Against Washington After Tough Ravens Loss

49ers Look to Rebound Against Washington After Tough Ravens Loss

Monday’s nationally televised loss to the Baltimore Ravens prompted strong responses: “49ers exposed” and “49ers not a Super Bowl contender.” Of course, the 49ers didn’t play their best game on Monday.

The Ravens need to get more credit for their play. The good news is that while potential NFC opponents present challenges on defense, none of them can do what Baltimore did Monday on personnel. 49ers fans proved to be even after a tough loss, with only 37 percent of 49ers fans changing their mind about the team’s win.


The votes were also counted before the news broke that Trent Williams had recovered from a serious injury. The percentage would definitely be lower.

Two more wins, a Christmas Day loss in the blink of an eye, and the team is 13-4, number 1 in the NFC, highly coveted by week, and home field advantage for the rest of the game. . in the finals. In addition, the team does not have to leave the West Coast for the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. The team will try to bounce back from the hapless Washington Commander on Sunday.

Chase Young and Trent Williams are looking to avenge their former team and help the 49ers get closer to their regular season goal. This is the perfect place for the offense and defense to get back on track before the playoffs begin. The 49ers are still a championship team.

No amount of defeat can change that. When a team turns the ball over five times and commits 100 yards of penalties, it’s incredibly difficult to beat any opponent, especially one as talented as the Baltimore Ravens. Take care of business the next two weeks, stay healthy and the real season begins for the 49ers.

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