49ers Lose Nail-Biter in Overtime, Crushing Playoff Hopes

49ers Lose Nail-Biter in Overtime, Crushing Playoff Hopes

It’s not uncommon for heads to be bowed in prayer at key moments in an NFL game. But a heartbreaking loss in the NFC Championship Game, in which the San Francisco 49ers fell 20-17 to the Los Angeles Rams, brought more respect than usual in North Beach bars and parks.

It was a rare opportunity to see a team reach its second Super Bowl in three years. But it wasn’t to be.While the Niners faithful celebrated the emergence of superstar wide receiver Deebo Samuel and a defense that became one of the league’s best, they seemed to realize that their prospect was finally quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who entered the game hurting. a thumb, a shoulder injury and a reputation for erratic throws.”The defense held us, but I’m afraid it’s all down to Jimmy G,” said Jim Mitchell, who worked the front door of The Boardroom, a North Beach sports bar.There was reason to hope.

The Rams’ Week 10 loss at Levi’s Stadium, the Week 18 nail-biter in overtime in the playoffs, and the 6-0 record that head coach Kyle Shanahan held over his friend and rival, Rams coach Sean McVay. to the championship game.But in the end, the ending of this Sunday’s game was all too familiar for Ninerand#039;s fans who have followed the season and the struggles of the starting quarterback.Last Ride to the Super Bowl. Garoppolo under pressure. Wild passport. Telelistening. And feel the balloon slowly deflate in the wonderful season.

The clock is ticking in Los Angeles and the Rams players are celebrating on the field. In San Francisco, bars emptied of heartbroken fans looking for their friends, looking for their Ubers and — next season — looking for someone new behind center..

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