49ers’ McCaffrey Out Week 18, Aims for Full Playoff Return

49ers’ McCaffrey Out Week 18, Aims for Full Playoff Return

Insiders reveal Christian McCaffrey’s status in Week 18 Although the game appeared to be in jeopardy at first, the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Washington Commander in Week 17.

Due to some other factors over the weekend, the 49ers were able to lock up the top seed in the NFC before the final game of the regular season. They have now secured a first round bye and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. With that in mind, the 49ers’ Week 18 game means nothing to their season standing. Conventional wisdom might suggest they play a lot of starters in this game, hoping everyone stays healthy for the rest of the season.


The organization hasn’t made any team-wide announcements, but as Ian Rapoport recently pointed out, one player will be out next week. Christian McCaffrey “will not play in Week 18,” Rapoport said, citing a recently injured calf as the main reason. As Rapoport notes, this injury is considered minor, which bodes well for McCaffrey and the 49ers in the playoffs.

With any luck, he’ll need another two weeks to fully recover, especially now that the 49ers have a bye. This will give him more time to recover and hopefully return to the field at full strength. McCaffrey has been one of the most effective quarterbacks in the NFL in recent years and has been a difference maker in the offense of the 49ers.

This team looks a lot different without him on the field, and it’s generally harder for them to get things done without him. They think it’s best to be cautious with him next week, knowing his injury history and what they hope will be a deep postseason run.

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