49ers O-Line Struggles: Tight End Ready as Emergency Backup

49ers O-Line Struggles: Tight End Ready as Emergency Backup

The offensive line suffered in the Christmas night loss to the Baltimore Ravens, with Trent Williams, Aaron Banks and Jaylon Moore dealing with various injuries during the game. After a barrage of injuries forced San Francisco to use every active offensive lineman on Monday, the question is who would have stepped in if one more had been injured? Tight end.

Charlie [Woerner] should come in andquot; offensive line coach Chris Foerster told reporters on Thursday. l have to do it in a hurry.andquot; Had Woerner entered, it wouldn’t have been the first time Foerster and Williams had seen their team’s crisis offensive line strain.

And it’s kind of funny, I told Trent [Williams] this morning, because they only recently went to eight offensive linemen,andquot; Foerster explained. andquot;When I got to the NFL, there were always eight of us, but then special teams and everything else took over. Then we went to seven – suddenly everything became seven. andquot;So, you had seven, and very rarely – probably three times in 25, 30 years – you had to go to any other position on the offensive line.

I think it was our last game in 2014, my last game with Trent in Washington, I think [tight end] Logan Paulson played a left tackle or two for us because we went down, we lost Trent. we lost Tom Compton, we lost another man. And so we had to put Logan in for the last series or two.

There are eight linemen and you lose three guys and you lose a fourth and you lose another guy, you have to go and work hard. hard, but everyone is back to work. And I don’t know what everybody’s injury status is this week, but I think we have enough guys coming back.

Starting Right Tackle Colton McKivitz was asked to move to left tackle and Spencer Burford, who normally plays guard, moved to right tackle. Foerster explained that the silver lining of testing offensive line depth was a real example of coaching points that address players’ readiness for each situation.

But I’m glad it happened because what it does, no matter how much I tell them guys, you have to be prepared because it can happen, we repeat you, you are the fourth strike. in the game, you are the third center of the game, you and the fifth guard, Foerster said.

They look at you like you and#039;are crazy — and#039;Coach, that never happens.and#039; It won’t happen until it happens, and then you have to be ready for it.andquot; With Banks and Moore out of the 49ers’ practice on Thursday, Williams participated in a limited number, offering hope that the All-Pro will be available on Sunday and for the Washington Commanders game.

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