49ers’ Playoff Path Opens as Cowboys, Eagles Stumble

49ers’ Playoff Path Opens as Cowboys, Eagles Stumble

49ersand#039; Super Bowl path clears as Cowboys, Eagles falter originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay AreaA month ago, it would have been absurd to imagine a scenario where the 49ers could avoid the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys in the NFL playoffs.

It would have seemed like a dream situation for the 49ers when it looked like these three teams were the best in the NFC.But it happened, and maybe the 49ers are unhappy.The top four teams remain in the NFC, and the first round of the playoffs made it clear that neither the Eagles nor the Cowboys belong in that group.

The 49ers have no chance of finishing off the Cowboys for the third straight season. The Green Bay Packers ran that Sunday, defeating Jerry Jones’ beleaguered team.

On Monday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sent the Eagles 32-9 out of the postseason.When the 49ers traveled to Philadelphia on December 3, the Eagles were 10-1 and trailing the 49ers by two games for the top seed in the NFC playoffs. Philadelphia was considered the best team in the NFL at the time.But the Eagles lost that game 42-19 and may have lost their lives.

They looked like a completely broken team in December and January.Philadelphia lost six of its last seven games of the season, including a Week 17 home loss to the Arizona Cardinals that the 49ers celebrated with one game left in the regular season.

Not long ago, the idea that the Eagles and Cowboys were watching the rest of the playoffs from home could be interpreted as the 49ers getting a fast pass to the Super Bowl.And while the 49ers are overwhelming favorites to represent the NFC in Las Vegas, the other three teams – Green Bay, Detroit and Tampa Bay – should not be taken lightly.All of these teams looked like they were at the peak of their playoff streak.

The Lions will host the Buccaneers in one of the conference semifinals after an emotional win over Matthew Stafford and the eager Los Angeles Rams.On the other side of the bracket, the Packers looked explosive as they swept the Cowboys.

Dynamic quarterback Jordan Love continues to improve every time he steps on the field.The 49ers didn’t finish the regular season strong, but they hope to have the rest of the week fresh and up to speed in their division opener against the Packers on Saturday night at Levi’s Stadium.A while ago, this is what the 49ers would have wanted as they prepared for the playoffs.Philadelphia none.

Not Dallas. don’t worry right?Now you have to wonder if those who favored the 49ers, avoided the Eagles and Cowboys should be careful what they wished for.They started 10-1. The final result was 1-6.What about the team that had a double digit lead in the second half of Super Bowl LVII just over 11 months ago?Even before tonight, there was rumblings about a possible coaching change. As far as I can tell, the Eagles wanted to kill that story before it took off. Now it goes What will Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie do next?During the fourth quarter, he looked stone-faced and stunned. It wasn’t exactly poker-faced.

It was more like the face of someone who wanted to take a hot poker to someone else.Is that the head coach? Nick Sirianni has been at his job for three years. Heand led the Eagles to the playoffs three times. Twice the road ended in Tampa in the wild card round.

Tonight’s 32-9 loss marked a point where the team seemed sluggish and disinterested.Maybe because both coordinators got head coaches after the 2022 season.

Even though things were going well, the defense failed. The quiet changes were apparently made when defensive coordinator Sean Desai lost his authority to schedule the third game. On offense, Sirianni (former coordinator) and new coordinator Brian Johnson did not adequately respond to the loss of Shane Steichen to the Colts.Maybe because the 49ers were outscored 42-19 at home when the Eagles started 10 of 11 games.

It’s easy for a team to decide then and there that this year just can’t be their year. Once the players had that idea, the coaching staff never coached them out of the funk that followed.However, the funk came. And it stayed. There will be a new defensive coordinator at least in 2023. A new offensive coordinator could be. Many fans want a new coach.It all depends on what kind of owner Jeffrey Lurie wants.

Heand makes his decision fully aware that the best coach in NFL history is available to anyone who wants him. Bill Belichick has already interviewed the Falcons. All eyes were on Dallas as the Packers unexpectedly fired Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy, followed by the likely hiring of Belichick.If Lurie believes his one chance with Belichick could come and go quickly, will Lurie make a change?It could be that the GM would only fire Sirianni if ​​he believed Belichick would take the job.

Despite formal searches, much of this arrangement is done behind the scenes. If Lurie knows he wants Belichick, and if Lurie knows Belichick wants the job, all you have to do is start the process of creating a vacancy.However, Lurie must reflect on a special season that was missing, followed by a special start and an outright collapse when it mattered most. What will he do?Time will tell in Philly. And in Dallas. With eight openings already (and one filled), the NFC East could have one or two more..

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