49ers’ Purdy and McCaffrey Duel for MVP Glory

49ers’ Purdy and McCaffrey Duel for MVP Glory

It’s rare for a team to have two legitimate MVP candidates. This season, however, the San Francisco 49ers have two contenders with good arguments to win the MVP. Of course we are talking about QB Brock Purdy and RB Christian McCaffrey. Both players played outstanding football and helped lead San Francisco to the best record in the NFL. There is a lot of debate about which player really deserves this award. According to Mike Florio, Brock Purdy himself cited several reasons why Christian McCaffrey deserves the MVP award. “He does everything,” Purdy told reporters. “I think he’s the reason why our passing game and our play action and passing and all that stuff has opened up because he sets the standard in the run game and when we pass the ball, he’s in our game. He catches the ball, he puts guys in. pass, he can handle safeties and linebackers and make them go away in the passing game and stuff. And then he scores touchdowns. His stats are insane. So he’s definitely a valued player and I think the most valued player.” McCaffrey is perhaps the strongest non-QB MVP candidate ever. As Purdy mentioned, the statistics of the 49ers’ RBand#039; is absolutely crazy. McCaffrey currently has just over 1,800 all-purpose yards this season, with nearly 1,300 rushing yards. He also has 20 total touchdowns on the year. Heand was the engine driving the 49ers forward.

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