49ers’ Purdy Reflects on Tough Performance, Vows Improvement

49ers’ Purdy Reflects on Tough Performance, Vows Improvement

Brock Purdy had a performance he’d like to forget on Christmas Day against the Baltimore Ravens at Levi’s Stadium. He threw a career-high four interceptions before leaving the 49ers in a 33-19 loss with another punt. While Purdy endured some unfortunate hits during the Week 16 disaster, he agreed with coach Kyle Shanahan on one play that highlighted an area the second-year quarterback needs to improve.

Purdy believes he threw his first interception against Baltimore because he was too focused on another big game against the Ravens and lost sight of more rational decisions. “On that [first] drive, we had two really explosive plays, a third down and then the next play after that to George [Kittle],” Purdy told reporters Thursday.

“So, it’s like emotions, everything and is built, it’s a good feeling and then we call the play that wasn’t the right coverage. So for me, it’s like, “Okay, dude, go check it out.” – At the moment I was aggressive. I said, “Okay, I just had two big plays and I’m trying to match it up.” Which probably in hindsight wasn’t the right decision, it wasn’t a smart play by the quarterback.


” Now the 24-year-old understands that despite the excitement of big plays, he has to keep his emotions in check. “Now, whatever the play is next, you have to play the play right, not just feed off the emotion and whatever you felt from the previous plays,” Purdy said. “It’s something I had to learn the hard way.

“I’ve played enough games where I think I understand when and where I can be aggressive and take chances, hit and when I should go forward, check, throw things like that . . . At 11-4, San Francisco needs Purdy to avoid a costly trade if it wants to secure a sixth Super Bowl.

After a poor 12-3 performance against the Ravens, Purdy should be much better prepared when the NFL’s top two teams meet again in February. “If we see them back on the road, of course we’d be excited to play them and everything, but I’ll take it one day at a time and see how it all goes,” stated Purdy.

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