49ers Reflect on Heartbreaking Playoff Losses: A Look Back at Memorable Moments

49ers Reflect on Heartbreaking Playoff Losses: A Look Back at Memorable Moments


The stakes and everything have been raised and people care a lot, a lot more because after that there’s no guarantee you’re not going to do things,” Shanahan said Monday during a conference call as the 49ers prepare to face the Lions on Sunday. game. penultimate game.49ers know that’s too good.

A team that is 5-2 in the Super Bowl experienced a terrible heartbreak in NFC Championship games. The 49ers lost 11 times in 18 games with the Super BowlMake it to the Super Bowl and at least get there. A loss in the championship and the NFL masses will quickly forget about it. The fan base, however, is another story. The play or play that kept their team out of the big game is remembered in detail by those present or those watching on television. While one game is never the only reason a team wins or loses, some games are never forgotten.

Here are five of them in the history of 49ers: Heartbreak: After winning the Super Bowl after the 1988 and 1989 seasons, the 49ers were ready for a “three-peat.” They led the Giants 13–12 and scored the only touchdown of the game on a 61-yard pass from Joe Montana to John Taylor.Less than three minutes left. Craig gained six yards and five yards on back-to-back carries as the 49ers tried to run down the clock. On first-and-10 from the Giants’ 40, Montana quarterback Steve Young gave it away to Craig for the second time.Giants defensive end Erik Howard got his helmet on the ball and it came loose.

Lawrence Taylor recovered for the Giants with 2:36 left. Seven plays later, the Giants and quarterback Jeff Hostetler moved on to a 42-yard Matt Bahr field goal. Bahr made his fifth field goal of the game and the 49ers lost 15-13.That was the last game of Craig’s 49ers career.”It’s just another play,” Craig told this news organization in 2012. “It’s part of the game. It wasn’t meant to be. Joe (Montana) was injured. The defense couldn’t stop them. … There is never one game where you win or lose. You win and lose as a team.”No team has ever won three consecutive Super Bowls.The Giants defeated Buffalo 20-19 in Super Bowl XXV in Tampa, Fla..

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