“49ers Stars McCaffrey and Bosa Navigate Unexpected Wake-Up Call Ahead of Super Bowl”

“49ers Stars McCaffrey and Bosa Navigate Unexpected Wake-Up Call Ahead of Super Bowl”


San Francisco 49ers stars Christian McCaffrey and Nick Bosa make calls after 6 a.m. a fire alarm woke the team unexpectedly on Thursday. The team will stay at the Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort and Spa in Henderson, Nevada before Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday. When the alarming smoke detector went off, guests were not told to leave their rooms because the hotel staff thought it was a false alarm.

Later that day, McCaffrey and Bosa both insisted the problem was anything but an accident. They claimed it wasn’t the first time they dealt with hotel issues as the away team.and#039;I don’t think so and it’s random,and#039; McCaffrey said. and that is part of it. Iand#039;s only add fuel to the fire.and#039;and#039;and#039;someone has to do that,and#039; said Bosa. and#039;It reminded me of Philly when they built outside.

It was early in the morning and it looked like they had demolished the bridge right next to our hotel. We didn’t have the best luck. But no excuses.and#039; 18 minutes but whoand#039;s lmao and#039; Pepper said X.and#039; Let’s not have problems in the future and#039; Hilton security chief Brian Roshon said after the incident.

The fire alarm is the latest annoyance for the NFC champions as they prepare to face the Kansas City Chiefs at Allegiant Stadium. Earlier this week, the 49ers expressed their displeasure with the outdoor conditions at UNLV, where they will hold practices before Sunday.The NFL put natural turf at UNLV and artificial turf. However, the 49ers staff felt the surface was too soft for the team to practice on..

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