49ers Still Super Bowl Favorites Despite Christmas Day Upset

49ers Still Super Bowl Favorites Despite Christmas Day Upset

This is surprising. The 49ers were predicted to beat the Ravens in the Super Bowl last weekend. Then these teams played each other on Christmas Day in Santa Clara and the 49ers were 6 point favorites because they were the home team and had an extra day to rest and prepare.

And they lost by 14. And the game was even uglier than the score suggests, considering the 49ers scored 7 points in garbage time. And yet, after that incredibly embarrassing loss to the Ravens, the 49ers are still the favorites to win the Super Bowl.

I deceived you. Here are the teams with the best odds to win the Super Bowl this year, according to BetUS:

1. 49: +240

2. Ravens: +400

3. Dolphins: +800

4. Eagles: +800

5. Bosses: +900

6. Bills: +1000

7. Cowboys: +1000

8. Lions: +1800

9. Jaguars: +3500

10. Browns: +3500

11. Aries: +6600


As if the Christmas play doesn’t happen, or it doesn’t matter in the eyes of the makers. And maybe they’re right. But it seems they are going 49sand#039; The interceptions were bad in their story that they beat themselves and they will play much better next time they face the Ravens. But the 49ers didn’t just beat themselves. The Ravens beat them. Beat them.

The Ravens were simply better than the 49ers that day. Of course, that doesn’t mean the Ravens will be better than the 49ers in the Super Bowl if both teams make it. Still, it’s hard to watch the Christmas game and think the 49ers have the Ravens right where they want them.

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