49ers Stumble as Turnovers Plague Purdy in Loss to Ravens

49ers Stumble as Turnovers Plague Purdy in Loss to Ravens

SANTA CLARA – Kyle Shanahan called the confusing game 49ers 039; 33-19 loss to the Ravens. His quarterback, Brock Purdy, threw three interceptions for the 49ers 039; the first four runs — he was just too fast. This moment was too much for him.

He had a chance to prove himself as a league MVP and he did. When Purdy threw the first interception on the first drive of the game, you could tell he wasn’t himself. You’d think Kyle Shanahan would understand that he’ll have to lean on his MVP-caliber quarterback Christian McCaffrey as his young quarterback settles in.

Instead, Kyle Shanahan had 16 assists and just 7 runs over the game’s first four series, even though the 49ers defense allowed just 10 points during that span. He had every opportunity to run, he had the best quarterback in the NFL, and Shanahan decided to let the young quarterback throw the game away.

After the game, I asked Shanahan about the decision. ME: The play calling was very aggressive. Was your plan to attack with that pass in the first quarter? SHANAHAN: No, it had to be balanced. It was exactly as it turned out. We stopped choosing and doing, so we didn’t make a conscious decision and we weren’t kicked out. We had some looks and felt like we moved the ball pretty well when we did.

Shanahan is right — the 49ers did move the ball when they passed in the first half. But they also moved the ball while running. And McCaffrey didn’t turn the ball over – Purdy did. Four times. That’s why the 49ers pass the ball less often than any other team in the league, and that’s because of Purdy.

Heand’s turnover is revealed. He proved it in college, he proved it in training camp, and he proved it against the Ravens. The next time the 49ers face a good team like Baltimore, they need to take care of the ball.

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