A.J. Brown Aims for Eagles’ Single-Season Yardage Record

A.J. Brown Aims for Eagles’ Single-Season Yardage Record

The Philadelphia Eagles enter their regular season finale as the New York Giants ponder the idea of ​​resting their top starters in the upcoming postseason. If there’s one player in that group that could factor into that decision, it’s A.J. Brown and his quest for franchise immortality.

Since arriving in the City of Brotherly Love via trade two years ago, Brown has been a perfect fit for Philadelphia’s system, leading the offense in one of the NFL’s most volatile games. A two-time 1,000-yard receiver at Tennessee, the fifth-year star has already repeated the feat in two more campaigns, totaling 193 catches and 18 touchdowns.

Brown has arguably been one of the most accomplished pitchers of his era since being drafted out of Ole Miss in the fifth round in 2019. The 26-year-old has 76 games, 378 catches for 5,938 yards, 42 touchdowns and a 15.7-yard average. But when Brown plays at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, he’ll have a different story to make, as he’s among the most beloved players in Philadelphia history.

He is just 53 yards away from surpassing the 1,500-yard mark and becoming the first Eagles player to record that number in a single season. Brown has been chasing that status since joining the Eagles, but is quickly closing in on it this fall.


He played in all of the Eaglesand#039; 16 games and 105 assists single season record. His catch average is down from a year ago, but he has seven 100-plus yards to add to his numbers, including six straight 3-9 games. a week In the first meeting with the Giants on Christmas Day, Brown had six receptions for 80 yards and a 13.3-per-carry average, thanks to superior performance from fellow receiver DeVonta Smith. If the Eagles can get him back in the second round, he’ll have a great chance to top the number in enemy territory and push his third-string NFL ranking even higher.

Brown has been an edge receiver on third down routes and deep vertical assignments for most of his career. On his 598 snaps this year, he’s averaging 12.3 yards per carry, the third-most of his tenure and one of the most on the Giants this season.

Unlike other No. 1 wide receivers who have a height advantage, Brown checks in at 6and#039;1andquot; but dominates right on the edge of the fray with his 226-pound frame and physicality. According to PFF, he outgains defenders by an average of 4.6 yards after a touchdown and even wins rushing battles 45.2% of the time, one of the highest marks in the league. Brown is usually the quarterback Jalen Hurts relies on to make timely catches when pressed.

He’s a player who rarely drops the football when it comes up and has the football smarts and vision to throw back, get to the sticks for a first down and sometimes put a man past the draw. a bigger game that gets you six points. Brown could benefit on Sunday as the Giants’ youngster begins to feel the effects of an 18-week season in his ranks. New York had to play without their stalwart in Deonte Banks last week against the Rams, a rookie who has done a good job at slowing down No. 1 receivers this season.

With him missing his first game of the year, the veteran Adoree Jackson replaced him, but it didnand#039;t stop Puka Nucua from reaching 118 yards in five catches to lead Los Angelesand#039; aerial production. If Banks cannot go again for the last contest, it could mean a productive afternoon for Brown against a corner whose future with the Giants is in doubt and coverage has become extremely vulnerable.

Add in the extra element of the other receivers on their depth chart, like DeVonta Smith and Dallas Goedert, who can be impact players from the attention Brown receives, and there is more than one way he can burn the opposing defense.

That said, the Eagles should be looking to get him the football in bunches to help him set a franchise marker and, more importantly, clinch their newest NFC East title. It’s a game of pride vs. making history as Brown and his teammates make it their postseason dream in practice. What better way for the Giants, despite their visiting rivals, than to keep the Browns out of the record books and earn a season-ending victory?

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