Black Monday: Where could some 49ers assistants go this offseason?

Black Monday: Where could some 49ers assistants go this offseason?


Update from Pat (8:22 a.m.): It appears the Washington Commanders have fired Ron Rivera. We saw it coming a mile away. The Carolina Panthers are also looking for a new GM now that Scott Fitterer is gone.

Welcome to the NFL Postseason; things always start with “black monday”. Here teams announce layoffs and resignations for head coaches, assistant coaches and administrative staff. Current opening hours on Sunday evenings are:.

  • Carolina Panthers
  • Las Vegas Raiders
  • Los Angeles Chargers
  • Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons news came late Sunday night when they decided to part ways with Arthur Smith.Ron Rivera was released by the Washington Chiefs early Monday morning. They are hiring former Warriors head coach Bob Myers to help with the search for a new head coach.


In previous years, we brainstormed a bit about who should/should be fired, but this year it was delayed. We’ll do an autopsy of sorts later this week.Yes, this is the San Francisco 49ers website, but Black Monday is important because teams are interested in Kyle Shanahan’s coaching tree.

The 49ers have already lost two defensive coordinators and one offensive coordinator to head coaching vacancies and could lose at least one or two assistants.Although this year may be tame. Steve Wilks is in his first year as defensive coordinator and Kyle Shanahan is the 49ers offensive coordinator himself.

This gives the 49ers a chance to make a play. First, if an offensive coordinator spot opens up elsewhere in the league, the 49ers can block it and promote anyone the league cares about in-house.

So if someone goes after, say, quarterback Brian Griese, the 49ers have a chance to do just that. It doesn’t guarantee they will. sprout#039; is just one of the cards they could play..

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