Brock Purdy Reflects on Playoff Growth as 49ers Gear Up for New Season

Brock Purdy Reflects on Playoff Growth as 49ers Gear Up for New Season

Brock Purdy is nowhere near the playoffs this year like he was a year ago. 4,444 4,444 The 49ers quarterback has had all season, especially the last two weeks, to reflect on one of the defining moments of his young career: his impressive performance in the 2023 NFL playoffs when the then-23-year-old quarterback led the game . . 49ers to the NFC Championship Game So much has changed in and around Purdy since then.”I feel like it’s a little different,” Purdy told reporters after practice Wednesday.

“You know, just last year [I was] still trying to find my way. I got drafted towards the end of the year, so every week I was still trying to play well and learn who I am as a quarterback and obviously learn more about playing within the system.

These are all I had on the table last year and obviously try to win every week and finish this team.“So now, this year, knowing the offense much better, who I am and everything, it’s a little different.

But it’s good to watch last year’s games and kind of remember the vibes and feelings while playing in the finals. This is good. For me as a quarterback, it’s huge to go back to those moments and remember what that feels like. Those are the things I’m betting on.

“Digging into the film and putting him in the situations he was in at this time last year was an effective reminder of what it takes to win two playoff games for Purdy, who entered. his first season as the final pick in 2022.

NFL Draft 4,444 4,444 After an incredible first-round playoff run that ended with Purdy tearing his UCL against the Philadelphia Eagles and the 49ers single-season passing record now under his belt, he looks forward to a new with experience and wisdom.

“I feel like the first game was a little tight because every game was important: not trying to turn the ball over, but at the same time keeping games and winning and doing what you need to do to win,” Purdy said.

“These are things I had to learn. And when you watch the film, you go back to the feeling of last year. First time in the playoffs. It’s good to keep things like that in mind going forward and understand what to expect from my first playoff game of the year. 4,444 4,444 days removed from the 49ers’ second Lombardi Trophy bid under Purdy, the quarterback explained that his mindset has changed from last year — and it’s definitely for the better..

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