Congratulations to  John Cartwright on his new appointment as the new head coach of…..

Congratulations to  John Cartwright on his new appointment as the new head coach of…..

In a major announcement that has thrilled fans and analysts alike, John Cartwright has been appointed as the new head coach of the Gold Coast Titans. The experienced coach brings a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record to the team, sparking high hopes for the upcoming season.


Cartwright, who previously held various coaching roles within the NRL, is widely respected for his strategic acumen and leadership qualities. His appointment marks a return to the Titans, where he previously served with distinction, guiding the team through several successful seasons.

“I am extremely honored and excited to be returning to the Gold Coast Titans,” Cartwright said during the press conference. “This team has always been close to my heart, and I am committed to building a strong, competitive squad that can achieve great things. I look forward to working with the players, staff, and fans to create a winning culture.”


The Titans’ management expressed their confidence in Cartwright’s ability to lead the team to new heights. “John Cartwright is a coach of exceptional talent and experience. His deep understanding of the game and his ability to inspire players make him the perfect choice for this role. We are thrilled to welcome him back and are confident that under his guidance, the Titans will flourish,” said the club’s CEO.


Players and fans have also reacted positively to the news, with many expressing their excitement and optimism for the future. Cartwright’s return is seen as a move that can reignite the team’s competitive spirit and drive for success.


As Cartwright takes the helm, his focus will be on preparing the Titans for the challenges ahead, implementing effective strategies, and fostering a strong team dynamic. His appointment is expected to bring stability and a renewed sense of purpose to the club.


Congratulations to John Cartwright on his new appointment as the head coach of the Gold Coast Titans! The entire Titans community is eagerly anticipating the positive changes and successes that lie ahead under his experienced leadership.

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