“Curry’s Triple Threat: Warriors Triumph Over 76ers with 8 Threes”

“Curry’s Triple Threat: Warriors Triumph Over 76ers with 8 Threes”


The Golden State Warriors beat the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA thanks to another strong performance from Steph Curry, who hit eight 3-pointers in the win. Curry told TNT Sports afterward that the vibes are as positive as it gets. as the Warriors improved to 20-24.

76ersand#039; Joel Embiid suffered an injury scare, while the Los Angeles Lakers suffered another tough loss.picture picture andquot;We’ve talked about the injuries we’ve done to ourselves – we’ve lost games we should have won, we’ve had some issues in our family off the field, dealing with that.andquot;So, there is always a desperate feeling for us. The atmosphere is as positive as it can be – but it’s only good when we get a night like tonight where we get a win, get over the hump and go back to the dressing room and have something to smile about.

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