Dan Campbell Defends Bold Two-Point Attempt Amid Criticism

Dan Campbell Defends Bold Two-Point Attempt Amid Criticism

Quarterbacks abounded Monday morning after Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell decided to go back to the two following a flagrant foul that cost the team a two-point conversion. The second attempt failed and the Dallas Cowboys held on for a 20-19 victory that cost the Lions a chance at a better playoff spot.

Among those who disagreed with Campbell’s decision to go two-on-one for the second time instead of a tie game was Jim Costa of 97.1 The Detroit Ticket, who called it “a crazy decision.” Campbell appeared on Costa’s show on Tuesday morning and the decision was apparently the main topic of discussion. – I told our attack that we are aiming for victory.

“We go down, score and go two and I couldn’t get away from it,” Campbell Costa said. He noted that he would punt if the Lions were moved outside the 10-yard line, but “we work inside the 10 every week, OK, O vs. D.” Costa and Mike “Stoney” Stone continued to press the Lions coach about the decision and Campbell then decided that if he was going to be fired for the call, he wanted them to be honest about it.


“From 7, I think it will be a low-percentage game,” Costa said. “I think your chances of winning are less than if you hit the extra point.” “No, say it like you would say it to someone else,” Campbell said. “I’m on the radio, call it what you want.” “I thought it was a reckless decision,” Costa replied.

“Thank you!” said Campbell, who reiterated that he has no regrets about going for two. “When they call certain coverage, that’s the last place, and that’s exactly the coverage we got,” Campbell said. “You don’t think it’s the first thing that pops. You hope that (Sam) LaPorta pops and he ends up getting a massage. So when Goff waits for it, you realize, oh my God, I’ve got to pull the trigger. on it and it just didn’t work, man.

Costa later took to social media to share h is a tribute to the way Campbell handled criticism. “Tribute to Dan Campbell for the day,” Costa wrote on X, previously on Twitter. – He wanted to criticize his face and thanked me later. He is real. I think it was a reckless and crazy decision for this 7. Hang in there. Appreciate a coach who wants an honest conversation.

There would be no other choice.” Accusing the head coach’s decisions comes into the territory, and criticism from the local media easily leads to hostility between the parties. It is special when these two sides can coexist even when they disagree. Of course, it’s much easier to find common ground when you win your division and make the playoffs.

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