Deebo Samuel, Cam Newton Clash Over Text Misunderstanding

Deebo Samuel, Cam Newton Clash Over Text Misunderstanding

Deebo Samuel was ready to text Cam Newton, who was hoping to prove the former NFL quarterback wrong when he said he never texted the San Francisco 49ers wide receiver.

Or so he thought. Newton upset Samuel when he called 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy a “playmaker” rather than a “difference maker.” She then went on “Up and Adams” Wednesday to call Newton and tell him to stop texting her. “First off Cam Newton stop texting my phone bro.

You were a fan like two weeks ago,” Samuel said. “That’s crazy. You wanted me on your podcast after I talked about my quarterback, which is fun for me. Newton was fired from the interview and posted a video in which he responded to Samuel saying he didn’t have a broadband number.

“Whoever’s calling you, it’s not my phone calling you. I don’t even have your number to call you or contact you. And if I do, put it out there for people to see,” Newton told X, formerly Twitter. , posted in the video. “I want the receipts because maybe someone I don’t know reached you, but it wasn’t me.

I’m not the one calling you.” So Samuel took the receipts with him and posted them on his social media account. The screenshots showed Newton sending his signature to Samuel at the beginning of the conversation. But it turns out that Samuel didn’t text Newton, he was pranked by someone pretending to be him.

Samuel appeared to be involved in X’s accident on Wednesday. “The fact that you are taking this so seriously,” she wrote. “Not my feelings, I’m really not funny if you know me!!!” Samuel and the rest of the 49ers have a big game to focus on in Week 17. San Francisco can reach first place in the NFC with a win over the Washington Commander and losses to the Detroit Lions and Philadelphia Eagles.

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