Draymond Green congratulates Monty Williams on his firing: “65 million coming your way to sit at the crib”

Draymond Green congratulates Monty Williams on his firing: “65 million coming your way to sit at the crib”

Draymond Green, known for his outspoken nature both on and off the basketball court, sparked controversy with a recent comment congratulating Monty Williams on his firing from the Phoenix Suns. Green’s remarks came during a podcast appearance where he addressed the financial aspect of coaching dismissals in professional sports.


“Congrats Monty Williams, 65 million coming your way to sit at the crib,” Green reportedly said during the podcast, referencing the reported payout Williams would receive following his departure from the Suns. Williams, who led the Suns to the NBA Finals in the 2020-2021 season, was unexpectedly let go despite his success with the team.

Green’s comment quickly stirred reactions across social media and sports circles, with many criticizing the perceived insensitivity towards Williams and his situation. Williams, a highly respected coach in the NBA, had been instrumental in the Suns’ resurgence and was widely admired for his leadership and coaching acumen.


The context of Green’s statement revolves around the financial compensation often involved in coaching contracts, where dismissed coaches may receive substantial payouts even after leaving their positions. However, Green’s blunt delivery and timing of the comment drew significant scrutiny, particularly given Williams’ recent achievements and the abrupt nature of his departure.


Green, a three-time NBA champion with the Golden State Warriors, is known for his passionate and sometimes controversial remarks on various issues within the league. His latest comment adds to a series of outspoken moments that have garnered attention throughout his career.


As reactions to Green’s comment continue to unfold, it highlights ongoing discussions about the dynamics of coaching dismissals in professional sports, including the financial implications for both coaches and teams. The incident also underscores the challenges and scrutiny faced by athletes and public figures in navigating sensitive topics in the public eye.


Williams has yet to publicly respond to Green’s comment. Meanwhile, the Phoenix Suns organization has not issued an official statement regarding the circumstances surrounding Williams’ departure or Green’s remarks.

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