“Drew Lock Ignites Seahawks’ Playoff Hopes with Epic Comeback Win Against Eagles”

Beating the Philadelphia Eagles has been a tough task this season. But Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks were able to pull it off.

They just had to believe in Drew Lock to allow weapons like Zach Charbonnet, DK Metcalf and Kenneth Walker III to thrive. They all rallied behind the quarterback, leading to an emotional rift with Jalen Hurts. Fans marveled at the attack engine after he showed off his sweet spot.

“Unbelievable Drew Lock interview with Lisa Salters. It made me appreciate his performance even more. Unbelievable end to a good game,” said Jerry Brewer of the Washington Post after the Seahawks’ blowout win over the Eagles.

Others, like Ari Meirov, noted how raw Drew Lock’s emotions were: “There aren’t many postgame interviews as open and honest as Drew Lock’s after the Seahawks’ win over the Eagles.”

He was the main reason Pete Carroll’s charts were effective on the road. The Seahawks quarterback went toe-to-toe with Jalen Hurts, but his ability to run the ball was on a different level. Bombs to Kenneth Walker III would be followed by effective passes to Zach Charbonnet and DK Metcalf.

All emotions were high, but it sure turned out to be a great interview. Other members of the Seahawks faithful even considered it the greatest postgame dialogue: “It was one of the best postgame interviews I can remember, impossible not to get excited about Drew Lock.” Will he lead the Seahawks to a postseason berth after this much-needed win?

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