Eagles’ AJ Brown Calls for NFL to Drop Monday Night Games

Eagles’ AJ Brown Calls for NFL to Drop Monday Night Games

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver AJ Brown would like the NFL to make one major change to its schedule to accommodate players.

In an interview with DraftKings on Wednesday, Brown said the NFL should eliminate Monday night games, citing the lack of recovery time players get after playing them. “It’s a short week and right after the game, your body just has a certain amount of time to recover,” Brown told Bleacher Report’s Scott Polacek.

“It speeds up the process and increases the wear and tear of the exercise. It’s going to be tough.” Few would argue that Brown is right that short weeks are tough, especially for teams like the Eagles, who are often at their best. However, “Monday Night Football” has been a staple of the league’s broadcast schedule for more than 50 years. It’s not going away, especially as the league simply expands on its less popular Thursday night sibling.

The Eagles actually play back-to-back Monday games when they host the Dallas Cowboys on Christmas Day a week after facing the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night. Still, this is Philadelphia’s fourth Monday game of the season, so it’s understandable if Brown is getting a little tired of it.

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