Eagles’ Christmas Victory: Progress Amidst Perfection Pursuit

Eagles’ Christmas Victory: Progress Amidst Perfection Pursuit

The Philadelphia Eagles didn’t play their best game against the New York Giants on Christmas Day, but Jalen Hurts firmly believes they took a step in the right direction. Although the Eagles beat the Giants 33-25, their performance left a lot to be desired.


After a strong first half in which they jumped out to a 20-3 lead, Philly let New York rebound and cut the lead to just two (20-18) going into the final quarter. Hurts and Co. was able to hold on for the win, but for those watching the Eagles crumble and barely survive, the win certainly isn’t the most encouraging.

The Eagles were on a three-game skid and while it was nice to end that slump and get a win, the same issues that made them struggle so hard resurfaced at Christmas. Hurts, however, looks on the bright side of things. Despite the ugly game, they were able to win and he believes that they are now on the right path to correct their mistakes. “I’d like to say we’re close to [meeting the standard],” Hurts said in his postgame presser, via Martin Frank of the Delaware News Journal. “I think we’re going in the right direction.

” Jalen Hurts reminded the Philadelphia Eagles faithful that “it’s still a process” and “a journey.” They just need to move on and make sure they learn from every lesson they are taught. As for his teammates, the quarterback warned that they must strike the right balance between playing to their standard and winning. Hurts understands that winning games can be misleading because it doesn’t always mean they’re playing well. As with the New York Giants, they won but did not live up to the standards they set for themselves. “It’s like a double-edged sword, what’s more important, the win or the standard?

It’s a very manipulative thing for the mind sometimes,” Hurts continued, via Dave Zangaro of NBC Sports. Hopefully the Eagles really learned their lesson against the Giants. They will face the same team again in Week 18 when they face the Arizona Cardinals in Week 17, so this should be a good opportunity for them to prove that they can adjust and adjust quickly.

While Jalen Hurts showed optimism for the progress of the Philadelphia Eagles, his teammate Jason Kelce was not so polite and grateful after the less-than-perfect victory. Speaking to reporters after the game, Kelce described their performance as “dizzying” and “embarrassing.” “It’s week (16). Embarrassing to have too many men on the pitch. I had a bad shot. …It was a sloppy game overall. We played very well at times. …Many very, very good ones. But fouls, fouls and penalties kept them in the ballgame, Kelce said. The challenge for the Eagles is to make sure they play seamlessly going forward. While Week 16 isn’t encouraging, they still have a chance to get things right.

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