Eagles’ Dom DiSandro Faces NFL Suspension and Fine Confirmation

Eagles’ Dom DiSandro Faces NFL Suspension and Fine Confirmation

The NFL denied the Eaglesand#039; will appeal the $100,000 fine and suspension of the team and safety Dom DiSandro for the rest of the season, two people familiar with the league’s decision told The Associated Press on Friday. . Philadelphia was fined and DiSandro was suspended for a fight with 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw. The team paid the fine, said the people, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the matter was not public.

DiSandro continues to be allowed to travel and perform all other duties. The AP previously reported his side ban in December. 16. DiSandro could return to the sidelines for the rest of the season. DiSandro pulled Greenlaw away from Eagles wide receiver DeVonta Smith and yelled at him after the reception in the third quarter of Philadelphia’s 42-19 loss to San Francisco on Dec. 3.

Greenlaw, who was penalized for unnecessary roughness on the play, jumped out and ran over two officials to put his hand in DiSandro’s face. Greenlaw was ejected and later fined $10,927 by the league for unnecessary roughness. DiSandro was also told to leave and walked to the locker room to loud applause from Eagles fans.

The NFL later sent a memo to teams reiterating the policy that non-players may not physically contact, taunt or insult opposing players or officials. The memo also said that only game officials or coaches should try to break up fights. The league said any violations could result in a fine or suspension. DiSandro met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell pending the appeals process.

DiSandro joined the Eagles in 1999 and is also an advisor to general manager Howie Roseman. Kobakas, DiSandro, 45, who prefers to keep a low profile but is often in front of television cameras, oversees all matters related to the safety and security of players, coaches and trainers. He also oversees security at the team’s practice complex, is responsible for security measures related to team travel and logistics, and provides training in the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

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