Eagles Face Criticism and Defensive Challenges After Seahawks Loss

Eagles Face Criticism and Defensive Challenges After Seahawks Loss

The Philadelphia Eagles are two days removed from a brutal loss to the Seattle Seahawks, but most are focused on the controversial decision of what would be the game and the final play.

With seconds remaining at 20-17, quarterback Jalen Hurts threw an interception for a double touchdown, effectively putting the game away. On Wednesday, head coach Nick Sirianni offered a curious answer when asked to explain the team and the mentality of the QBand#039; Hurtsand#039; the late-game interception was his second highlight-reel pick of the fourth quarter.

With eight minutes left and the Eagles leading 17-13, Hurts took an unnecessary punt into the end zone from midfield on a 10-10 play that was caught by Love.

The turnover didn’t lead to points, but it changed the moment. Two possessions later, the Seahawks took their first lead and put the game away. While many questioned the decision of the equipment and Hurts, also the equipment and the defense. Before losing to the Seahawks, the Eagles shook up their defensive coaching staff.

They moved coordinator Sean Desai up by giving the play-calling duties to Matt Patrica, but the results weren’t ideal. Three straight losses draws criticism for any team, but after a hot start, the Eagles are under a lot more scrutiny.

Once considered favorites to return to the Super Bowl, their recent struggles have many believing an early playoff exit could be on the horizon.

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