“Eagles Hit by Double Whammy: Hurts Sick, Defense Shakes Up”

“Eagles Hit by Double Whammy: Hurts Sick, Defense Shakes Up”

The Philadelphia Eagles are in about as much panic as they can get for their division’s dominant team. They are 10-3 in the NFC East, but 2 of those losses have come in a row against the NFC rival San Francisco 49ers and the rival Dallas Cowboys. And losses is a relative term, as the Birds were not competitive at any point in this game. As of Monday night, there are already plenty of concerns about the franchise. Hiding them and#039; made a change at the helm of the defense, handing the keys to Matt Patricia seemingly overnight. The injuries are piling up, with running backs Darius Slay and Zach Cunningham already out. But now there are reports of a “flu-like inhibitor”. a mistake that hangs around and claimed star quarterback Jalen Hurts.

Eagles News: Jalen Hurts Almost Didn’t Travel to Seattle

According to Ian Rapoport, Hurts felt weak enough that he almost didn’t make the trip to Seattle’s game against the Seahawks on Monday. Pain did not travel with the team, instead making his own trip to Seattle. The rapper prefaces this by saying that he believes Hurts is going tonight because that and what he’s doing, andquot; but it remains an important problem in the struggles of the Eagles. Given the run the Eagles have seen in these last two games, this is about as close as it “has to be”; game how you get the birds. Due to yesterday’s results, they are locked in the finals. But everyone knows the importance of playing one, maybe two, home playoff games en route to a Super Bowl championship. When Hurts plays, it’s imperative that he hits the ball and gets the win. Fortunately for Eagles fans, Seattle has its own quarterback health issues and Drew Lock will start in place of Geno Smith. That leaves the Eagles as favorites even in the road game, although the betting odds suggest it will be a tight matchup at best.

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