Garnett-Bass Locker Room Clash: Celtics Tension After Victory

Garnett-Bass Locker Room Clash: Celtics Tension After Victory

The Boston Celtics are probably one of the best teams in NBA history. They are tied with the Los Angeles Lakers for the most NBA championships, with both teams holding 17 championship banners. However, the Celtics last won in 2008, and Doc Rivers was the team’s head coach at the time.

The Celtics were a different team under Rivers, but even though the team was loose, there were times when a fight or two broke out in the locker room. Rivers shared such an incident after bashing the Indiana Pacers on Twitter via SHOWTIME Basketball.

Rivers revealed that despite winning the game against the Pacers, an argument in the locker room almost turned into a fight between Kevin Garnett and Brandon Bass. “We got caught up in the game and you and Brandon Bass are fighting. I’m sitting there and Kevin’s yelling at me, ‘You’re out! You stay out!’ Rivers said.

The veteran head coach was obviously in the locker room and many expected him to interrupt the battle between the two players. However, Garnett warned Rivers to stay out of the fight and it sent the entire locker room into a frenzy. At the time, Rivers did everything he could to keep the news out of the Celtics locker room.

After all, it would have given the media more to talk about and had a bad effect on the chemistry of the team. The story proves that Rivers definitely knew how to treat his players when he was the team’s head coach.

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