Giants Seek Redemption in Crucial Divisional Battles

Giants Seek Redemption in Crucial Divisional Battles

New York Giants quarterback Saquon Barkley didn’t mince his words just minutes after the Giants fell 33-25 to the Philadelphia Eagles on Christmas Day. “Didn’t finish it,” Barkley said, referring to the talent pool between the third-ranked Giants and the playoff-clinching Eagles.

“It seems clear.andquot; Closing the gap and winning games in the division were the main goals for the Giants after they finished 9-7-1 last time out, entering the postseason as a Wild Card team, but finished 1-4. -1 against NFC East foes. And as most teams that make the playoffs attest, a solid foundation for success starts with winning divisional games, something the Giants haven’t been able to do in the division recently.

New York is currently 2-3 in the division after destroying the Commander, but continues to struggle against the Eagles and Cowboys, the latter of which beat them twice. And Barkley knows that kind of performance just isn’t enough.

“The last two years — not just the last two years, I feel like everybody’s trying to get past lately — the last decade … we haven’t beaten Philly and we’re struggling against Dallas,” Barkley said. “It’s just the truth.” The head is right. The Giants have now lost 11 on the road to the Eagles since 2013 and five in a row overall, including a three-game loss to the Eagles last year that included a divisional playoff appearance. They are 4-17 against the Cowboys (home and away) since 2013 and haven’t won against Dallas since 2016, the last season they won the Cowboysand#039 game. at home before falling on a seven-game losing streak on the road.

And in many games against both teams, the Giants often lost by two or more goals, which is unacceptable. andquot;I fought a very good game here, I won,andquot; Barkley said. andquot;You don’t say anything negative – it’s the truth.andquot; It’s too late for the Giants to do anything about it this season, but if this team wants to be an annual postseason contender, Barkley said they need to change the narrative. andquot;If this team, this franchise wants to go where we want to go, we have to start beating those teams,” he said.

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