Gronkowski Confident in Bucs Against Eagles

Gronkowski Confident in Bucs Against Eagles

Leg-rubbing former Bucs tight end Rob Gronkowski has fond memories of the Eagles.In 2021, Gronk had his last playoff success against the Eagles when the Bucs defeated them in the wild card game at The Licht House.Gronk not only has fond memories of that day, he also feels good about Monday night’s game between the Bucs and the Eagles in Tampa.

The Bucs, Gronk noted, have found a way to win five of their last six games. Some games blew the opponent away. At times, the Bucs had to scratch and claw their way to victory.Anyway, Gronk seemed impressed that the Bucs showed they can win games in a different way.

And with the Eagles losing five of their last six, Gronk doesn’t see the Eagles rebounding. 4,444 4,444 That’s what Gronk said to Kay Adams on this week’s “Up and Adams” weekday show on FanDuelTV.”They’re pretty hot right now,” Gronk said of the Bucs’ streak.

“Yeah, they’re a little inconsistent. But it’s a home game for them, too.”Mike Evans and Baker Mayfield, I think they’ll make it a little better. Same with Chris Godwin.

He comes through and makes big plays for the team.Gronk, on the other hand, just doesn’t like the vibe of the Eagles’ downfall, and it seems like the entire Philadelphia area cries foul when one of the Eagles’ coaching staff comes clean.

“The Eagles…I don’t think they can pick up the slack,” Gronk said. “It’s kind of carved into them now (Gronk said ‘carved’, not ‘ingrained’).”Something’s going on.

There’s some energy going around the organization that’s holding them back.”Joe doesn’t know if he’d call the Bucs “hot” right now. It’s certainly not a crime. In fact, Joe thinks the offense has looked as bad the last two weeks as it did when the Eagles blew them out in Week 3.Yeah, it’s nice that the Bucs found a way to win.

But the last two games that’s what the offense looked like: no energy, no explosion, but I still thought they had Mike Alstott to go up the middle.Just like Gronk doesn’t think the Eagles can get out of their game, Joe honestly doesn’t know how the Bucs offense will come apart if Baker Mayfield can’t throw without pain — and his coaches let him throw..

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