Hargrave Returns, Armstead’s Status Uncertain for 49ers vs. Ravens

Hargrave Returns, Armstead’s Status Uncertain for 49ers vs. Ravens


The 49ers look to have at least one defensive play against the Baltimore Ravens on Monday night. Javon Hargrave returned to practice Friday after missing the previous game with a hamstring injury, making him eligible to play this week. Meanwhile, Arik Armstead is still out with a knee injury that has cost him the last two games, meaning he could miss a third straight game.
Hargrave looked upbeat and rested during defensive line drills on Friday, while Armstead was nowhere to be found. In most cases, injured players are rehabbing or jogging when they are out.
Not Armstead. He has not appeared in training since last week, when he left the field as other players began their work. Getting Hargrave back would be a huge boost for the 49ers because heand#039; is their second best passer behind Nick Bosa.
But 49ersand#039; the biggest task against the Ravens is stopping the run, as the Ravens have the second-best rushing attack in the NFL.
And Hargrave is not a great defender. Armstead is elite to run against. Teams can’t move him out of coverage. He gobbles up offensive linemen and linebackers with ease. If he doesn’t play, the 49ers could have a really tough time stopping the run, as their defense is statistically bad even with him on the field. Weand#039;ll see if Armstead 49ersand#039; pass on saturday If not, you can probably forget playing him at Christmas.

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