Haslem’s Controversial Comment on Bill Russell Stirs Debate

Haslem’s Controversial Comment on Bill Russell Stirs Debate

Donis Haslem has been making waves for Boston Celtics fans this week. During a recent episode of The OGs podcast, Haslem joined former Miami Heat player Mike Miller and current Heat center Bam Adebayo. Adebayo recalled the time Haslem, who played all 20 of his NBA seasons with the Heat, once made a snide comment about Russell before a game against the Celtics.

The meeting comes after Russell’s No. 6 jersey was removed from all NBA teams following his death in 2022, prompting Haslem to “F*** Bill Russell” in his pregame speech. Former Celtics player Cedric Maxwell highlighted Haslem’s disrespect for the former Celtics center.

Adebayo joined hosts Haslem and Miller on the podcast, and Adebayo explained how Haslem’s comment went down. “We’re playing Boston, so you know how he feels,” Adebayo said. “We’re in a chain and you know (Haslem) comes in and gives the pregame speech and they took Bill Russell’s jersey off of everybody in the league.

“So, they have 6 in our lineup and he ends his pregame speech like, ‘F*** Bill Russell, too.’ I said, bro, that guy is dead, OG. Haslem explained that he loved Russell. “I had to be sorry. I love Bill,” Haslem said. “No disrespect to Bill. I love Bill, he just did the wrong thing… I respect Bill Russell, I love him, but why does he have to be here? The crap we used to get out of people’s mouths when we played. there? “I might not take back what I said now that I think about it. The crap they told us.

” Russell won 11 championships with the Celtics and was a five-time MVP. Although he excelled on the basketball court, he was also a civil rights activist. He played for Boston in the 1950s and 1960s and battled discrimination throughout his career.

He also became the first black coach in NBA history. Maxwell played eight seasons with the Celtics in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He won two championships with the team and was named MVP of the 1981 NBA Finals. He had plenty of respect for Russell and weighed in on Haslem’s comment during a recent episode of the “Cedric Maxwell Podcast.”

“He was just trying to rile his guys up,” Maxwell said. “You’ve heard Lebron, ‘I hate Boston.’ “This shouldn’t be about Bill Russell. This is about his legacy as a Black man in this league. It should never be approached. It’s like a player saying, “Shit, Jackie Robinson.

” That number is retired all over Major League Baseball for what it did — the color line — for all that. Bill Russell went through the same things and was a champion. “I couldn’t agree more with Udonis and I like Udonis Haslem. I really do. He got his team together.

At the same time, this is not a hot culture. It’s about NBA history. Bill Russell is bigger than the Miami Heat. He is bigger than all the other teams. He is greater because of what he has done for this league and what he has endured. “As much as I love Udonis Haslem, I think he was wrong this time.”

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