Jason Kelce Denies Retirement Rumors After Eagles’ Playoff Loss

Jason Kelce Denies Retirement Rumors After Eagles’ Playoff Loss

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce denied he decided to retire — because the emotions are too much; after his team and elimination from the finals to make a decision about his future.

According to American media, the 36-year-old told his teammates that he would endure the loss against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

But on his New Heights podcast, Kelce denied making a decision.andquot;There is too much going on right now to fully understand the decision,andquot; Kelce said.andquot;I just don’t think you can make that decision after a game like that.


There are too many emotions right now.and I’m not trying to be dramatic and keep bringing it up. It is not possible.andquot;When it’s time to officially announce what and#039; happens, it’s done in a way that’s final and honors the many people who have meant a lot to me and led to the career I’ve had.

“Kelce was selected by the Eagles in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft and spent his entire career with the team, winning the Super Bowl in 2018.He signed a one-year deal last March, making it his 145- a succession starts the Eagles’ season in Week 6, breaking a franchise record.

Kelce co-hosts a podcast with his younger brother, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis, who has received a lot of attention for his relationship with musician Taylor Swift..

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