Jets’ Underdog Davis: The Ball Magnet Ready to Upset Browns

Jets’ Underdog Davis: The Ball Magnet Ready to Upset Browns

CLEVELAND — Ashtyn Davis isn’t at the top of the Jets’ roster, something Brown needs to know when he plays in Cleveland on Thursday night. In fact, the Jets’ four-year safety probably isn’t even on the list. Unless Cleveland’s coaching staff has a short memory or is taking selective amnesia, Davis should probably be on their radar — even though he plays just 16 percent of the Jets’ defensive snaps.

Ultimately, it was Davis who ended the Jets’ improbable 31-30 comeback victory over the Browns in the final two minutes of a Week 2 home game last season, picking off Cleveland quarterback Jacoby Brissett with six seconds left. benefit It was Davis’ only play on defense that day, and it came against a defensive line the Jets call their “bandit pack.” “Then my number was called,” Davis recalled to The Post on Tuesday.


“I just sat there and robbed the quarterback, read his eyes and he gave me a gift.” Davis won’t play much defense on Thursday night, but he could do some of them. Given his immeasurable skills with the football, he may have another gift or two for the Jets. Despite his limited snaps, Davis has three tackles this season, the latest of which came on special teams last Sunday over the Commanders, against whom he also had a forced pass with 10 seconds left that led to Tony’s interception. Adams. deep in the Washington area. He has two interceptions this season and helped with a safety in the Jets’ win over the Texans.

“Gerald Alexander, the defensive backs coach at my alma mater, always said that football is like oxygen, that football changes your life,” Davis said. “It’s all about the ball, always and forever. I live that and try to show it on Sundays.’’ His coaches and teammates have noticed. “You mean the guy with the most turnovers per play in the world?’’ Jets linebacker and captain C.J. Mosley said with a smile when The Post asked him about Davis. “Every time he’s been on defense, he’s always around the ball and he’s been productive.

He does the right things, he’s reliable, he’s a smart guy, We love him as a player and as a man. And when he steps on the field, we expect him to get the ball. He is one of our closers at the end of games. Just ask the Browns. “It was his only game on defense and we needed him,” Mosley said. “I love AD and he’s definitely not a guy we forgot about,” linebacker Solomon Thomas told The Post.

“We understand who he is and his percentage of receiving the ball, his awareness of receiving the ball and his ability to receive the ball. He’s just a guy who always gets the ball when he’s out there. Crazy to think what he can do with more playing time. It’s a question Davis ponders, too, though you’ll never hear him complain about it. “It’s natural to wonder,” Davis said.

“But I can’t control that. I just try to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. And if it increases, I think my production will also increase. But if not, I will continue with my business.” Starting point guard Adams was glad Davis was on the court doing his thing Sunday when he blasted commanding wide receiver Logan Thomas with a pass and sent the ball sparkling into Adams’ arms on second down.


“AD is very much a player,” Adams said. “That guy is special, man. The ball just seems to find him. Wherever he goes, the ball is usually there.” Consider this Monday X message from Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner: “AD needs to live right when nobody’s looking.

The ball always finds him.” Jets head coach Robert Saleh recently marveled, “Ashtyn just puts the ball in. He’s been a valuable and very underrated part of this defense. He’s earned the right to be on the football field. He pushes himself on the field. He may be underrated, but not in this building. He embodies everything we believe in defensively on this football team.

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