JUST IN: Novak Djokovic’s Son Stefan Djokovic Kidnapped, Ransom demanded worth over…

JUST IN: Novak Djokovic’s Son Stefan Djokovic Kidnapped, Ransom demanded worth over…


In a harrowing development, Stefan Djokovic, the young son of tennis superstar Novak Djokovic, has been kidnapped, with the kidnappers demanding a ransom exceeding $20 million. The distressing incident has sent shockwaves through the global sports community and triggered an immediate response from international law enforcement agencies.


The kidnapping occurred late last night when Stefan was reportedly taken from a family-owned property under circumstances that are still being fully investigated. Novak Djokovic and his family are said to be in a state of profound distress, cooperating closely with authorities to secure Stefan’s safe release.

The Djokovic family released a brief statement this morning, pleading for privacy during this incredibly difficult time. “We are deeply shaken by this horrific act and are working with law enforcement to do everything possible to bring Stefan home safely. We ask for respect and privacy as we navigate this traumatic event.”


Law enforcement officials have not released specific details about the kidnappers’ demands or the circumstances surrounding the abduction, citing the sensitivity of the ongoing investigation. However, they have assured the public that every available resource is being utilized to locate and rescue Stefan safely.


The international tennis community has rallied around Djokovic, offering support and expressing solidarity through social media and public statements. The ATP and WTA have both issued statements condemning the kidnapping and calling for Stefan’s immediate release.


Fans and fellow athletes worldwide have taken to social media to send well-wishes and prayers to the Djokovic family, using hashtags like #PrayForStefan and #BringStefanHome. The outpouring of support underscores the widespread impact of this crisis and the collective hope for a swift resolution.


Authorities are urging anyone with information about the kidnapping to come forward and have set up a dedicated hotline to receive tips. The investigation is being treated as a top priority, with both local and international units working tirelessly to resolve the situation.


The sports world remains on edge as it awaits further developments in the case. Updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

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