Just in:Why Greenlaw’s Pro Bowl snub ‘hurts’ 49ers teammate Warner

Just in:Why Greenlaw’s Pro Bowl snub ‘hurts’ 49ers teammate Warner

Why Greenlwand’s Pro Bowl snub hurts 49ers teammate Warner Joaquin Ruiz Thu, 04 Jan 2024 4:37 GMT+1.2 min Dre Greenlwand was not named to the NFC Pro Bowl team announced Wednesday night, meaning that the 49ers quarterback has not yet been awarded. during his five-year NFL career.

The 26-year-old and fresh off the Pro Bowl buzzer beat San Francisco quarterback Fred Warner, who earned the third pick of his six-year career this season. Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, hours before the NFL announced this season’s roster and the Pro Bowl, Warner expressed dismay at Greenlaw’s usual exclusion from the league. “It breaks my heart for him,” Warner told reporters.


“It’s something he fully deserves. The level of play he’s been playing now for as many years as he has. I think it’s only a matter of time before people really get it. But I know what kind of person Dre is. He is not very interested in such things. Like he’s just playing ball.”

Greenlaw played in 62 games, started 54, and totaled 446 tackles with the 49ers. AD Advertising Greenlaw has also appeared at NFC Championship games, the Super Bowl and other major events in San Francisco, providing a constant fiery passion – sometimes too fiery. Regardless, Greenlaw isn’t losing sleep over his lack of a Pro Bowl selection. That’s Warner’s job.

“I want it for him,” Warner laughed seriously. – I know that’s what the whole team wants from him – players, coaches, everyone. I don’t know, maybe one of these years will fix it.” Entering the 2023 NFL season, Greenlaw was 21st among all defensive tackles (120). By comparison, Warner is 13th with 132.

AD Advertisement While the decline of Greenlaw , league.-record 9 49ers were selected to this season’s Pro Bowl at Camping World Stadium.. But it’s clear Warner believes voters can’t reject Greenlaw forever..

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