“Kittle’s MVP Shoutout: 49ers Star George Kittle Declares Christian McCaffrey the Game-Changer, Forces Opponents to Adapt”

The San Francisco 49ers are having a great season right now. The 49ers, ranked second in the league, hold an 11-3 record and are on a six-game winning streak. This year and the race for NFL Most Valuable Player is led by none other than the team and quarterback Brock Purdy. However, George Kittle’s title at tight end belongs to his fellow teammate Christian McCaffrey. “I’m voting for Christian,” Kittle said in an interview with Yahoo Sportsand#039; Jori Epstein. “Your defense has to completely change to cover Tyreek (Hill of the Miami Dolphins) and Christian. Everything has to change.” In addition to defensive arrangements, Kittle also addressed the fact that when the ball is in McCaffrey’s hands, the yards automatically go to the 49ers. “Your game plan can’t be the same because you have to account for guys that every time they touch the ball it could be a 70-yard touchdown. How many times has Christian or Tyreek just carried their teams and put them on their backs and scored touchdowns and scored games… and it’s a team sport, don’t get me wrong, but every time Christian touches the ball, our whole offense is like, ‘okay, head gets 10-20-50 yards and# 039;Kittle cracked.

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