Klopp’s Tribute: Origi, the Unsung Hero and Liverpool Legend

“Klopp’s Tribute: Origi, the Unsung Hero and Liverpool Legend”


Jürgen Klopp spoke very warmly about one of his former Liverpool players. Klopp’s Liverpool have often felt like a family, holding a close-knit group together throughout the Reds’ successful 2018-2022 campaign.

Speaking on Sky Sports’ Secrets of Success podcast today, Jurgen’s words only reinforce that notion. Detailing some of his methods of keeping players happy in the squad, the manager is asked how he manages to keep a smile on the faces of those who may not play as regularly, such as Divock Orig.

“Divock is a very special person, I love him to pieces,” sighed Klopp. – I’m not sure how many times I apologized to him for not playing anymore. He was a huge part of this team – a huge part of this team – and the team let him feel it. He felt completely comfortable. During the week [in training], we had one of the most important players and during the weekend he still did, but he didn’t play as often as he should have.

“The fact that we had a relationship for a long time working together was much more Divock’s fault than mine. I would have understood a thousand percent if he had ever said “hey boss, that’s a nice spell but it’s not enough, I have to go now”. But he wanted to be part of this incredible club. He didn’t get special treatment, he just took it as it was and that’s what made him a Liverpool legend. He will be remembered here forever. We wish him nothing but the best for the rest of his career.”

Klopp praised Ori’s attitude

Liverpool’s Origin history will forever be an example to those who may not get the game time they deserve. As Klopp mentions, Divock could have snapped a few times and demanded to leave the club. He actually left in 2017 – on loan to Wolfsburg – and barely played in the first half of 2018/19. But instead of getting upset, the Belgian dug in and completely turned the tide. In 2018/19, he really didn’t play much. But he turned up in big moments to score some of the most famous goals in Liverpool history.

And Klopp is right – he will go down as a Reds legend. Maybe not conventional in the sense of Steven Gerrard, Mohamed Salah or Kenny Dalglish. But he deserves his place in Liverpool folklore.

If he had taken his clubs and moved to a smaller club, he might have played more, but Origi would not have found that purpose in football. So Divock’s story is important to tell as he hopes to build his next great Liverpool team. These new players can create their own legacy at Anfield, every path is different. As for Origi, he himself recently spoke about the love he has for the Liverpool fans.

Now the 28-year-old is struggling to make an impact at Nottingham Forest and will always be linked with his time at the Reds. And we – and Jürgen – love him for it.

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