Lions’ Two-Point Attempt Controversy Confusion

Lions’ Two-Point Attempt Controversy Confusion

It’s only the second game in Week 17, but one game has what itand#039; more to come. The Detroit Lions lost 20-19 to the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday, and the two-point score dominated the headlines. After Jared Goff’s late touchdown, Amon-Ra St. Brown was called by Lions head coach Dan Campbell to make a bold two-point call with 23 seconds left in the fourth quarter. It worked when offensive lineman Taylor Decker hauled in a pass from Goff. But Decker disallowed it for an illegal touch. Letand tries to share everything:


1. Before the game, Decker, wearing number 68, sent by Goff, approached referee Brad Allen with lineman Dan Skipper, wearing number 70, and ran to the referee while Decker was already there. declares the play a suitable recipient. And since the refs said the call was number 70 and not number 68, the formation was also illegal on the play. Had the numbers been switched, as the Lions demanded, the play would have been stopped (Josh Reynolds, who was closest to Decker, came off the ball and was right at the line).

2. After the tickets, Allen told Campbell that he reported No. 70, not No. 68. Campbell said in his postgame presser that he went to the game officials before the play andquot;t-play.

3. Skipper said after the game that he did not inform the umpires, while Decker said he did. Decker also said he understood Campbell was explaining the play before the game.

4. Goff said after the game that Skipper did not report, while Decker did. Goff also said that it was not a solution for the businessmen, but still messed up.

5. According to Allen’s pool report after the game by Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News, Allen was claiming the reporter was #70, not #68.

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