Lombardi Debunks Purdy Labels, Questions Lawrence’s Impact

Lombardi Debunks Purdy Labels, Questions Lawrence’s Impact

NFL analyst Michael Lombardi spoke on X (formerly Twitter) about how San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy compares to other players at the same position in the NFL.

He said the titles “playmaker” and “system quarterback” don’t do Lombardi justice. “Purdy has been called the playmaker and the system quarterback, which is unfair,” Lombardi said.

“All quarterbacks need the right system to work. The system can only work if the talent makes the system better. Did Nick Mullens or CJ Beathard make the system shine in San Francisco? No.

” He draws comparisons to players like Jacksonville Jaguars star Trevor Lawrence, who has stepped up this season. He asks his followers on social media that if Purdy has the aforementioned tags, what about the Clemson University product? “But Purdy is only good because of the system? Seems like a contradiction,” Lombardi said.

“If Purdy is the whole system, what is Lawrence? Why hasn’t Lawrence been able to beat good teams at home or play well in the big games? Is it Jacksonville’s talent? The offense? Or both?”

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