LT Trent Williams’ says Good bye : LT Trent Williams’ confirms this is his last season as he is going to ……

Don’t forget, Trent Williams briefly considered retirement last year after the 49ers lost the NFC Championship. Will he really retire this year if the 49ers win the Super Bowl? The 49ers need to ask themselves that question, because Williams probably doesn’t know the answer yet.

In training camp last offseason, he told reporters that he plans to make his career year-to-year now. So if the 49ers win the Super Bowl, he thinks that’s the best time to quit. We’ve seen Hall of Fame players retire after winning a championship.

In addition, Williams earned nearly $250 million during his career. Money doesn’t hurt. However, I would be shocked if Williams retired after this season. Williams has three years and about $100 million left on his contract. If he plays next season, he’ll pocket another $30 million or more.


I guess it’s hard to pull off a payday like that, no matter how much money you have in your bank account. In addition, Williams no longer has to grind as hard as other football players. The 49ers already had Williams sit out OTAs, minicamp and most of training camp.

He also no longer practices on Wednesdays – he gets a veteran’s day off. Which basically means he just has to show up for the regular season, practice once a week on Thursday and do a showcase on Friday.

As long as he can play at a high level without much practice, which he can do now, there is no reason for him to leave. Additionally, Brock Purdy’s contract cannot be extended until 2025. Which means the 49ers can pay Williams for at least another year. I hope Williams stays.

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