Lynch Confident in Purdy’s Health Amid Shoulder Injuries

Lynch Confident in Purdy’s Health Amid Shoulder Injuries

San Francisco 49ers general manager and Hall of Fame safety John Lynch knows a lot about the types of spikes quarterback Brock Purdy has suffered in back-to-back games. I was in Tampa for 11 years. . . and they became regular to the point where I had to have a joint operation, andquot; According to Jerry McDonald of the Mercury News, Lynch spoke about his experience with the bayonet while appearing on sports radio station KNBR.

I know exactly what he’s doing. You kind of have to break the cycle of getting them every week and only for the last two weeks. His were few and far between, and they are no fun. Hopefully we can move past this. I think he’s responded to that very well and hopefully we’re in a good place.

We can protect him and kind of get him out of it and not make it something he deals with anymore.andquot; Merriam-Webster describes a sting as nerve damage that involves andquot; a painful burning sensation that radiates from the neck to the arm and is often accompanied by weakness or numbness in the affected area.

Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle mentioned that Purdy had no prior injection history before the 24-year-old dealt with the issue during the December 17 Week 15 win over the Arizona Cardinals. Purdy suffered another shoulder injury late in Monday night’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Lynch noted that he is still not concerned about Purdy’s long-term health going into this Sunday and the Washington Commander game. andquot;Believe me, we would never put Brock in a position where we don’t think he’s smart, and there’s obviously a bunch of highly qualified docs who rate, Lynch added Purdy and #039; about the condition. andquot;Brock is in a good place and we’re confident he can go there and perform and be healthy there.

The 49ers remain atop the NFC standings ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Lions, but they still have work to do to earn the No. 1 spot heading into the season. Meanwhile, sportsbook DraftKings listed Purdy as the fifth favorite at +1,200 to win the Most Valuable Player award on Friday afternoon after a terrific performance against Baltimore on Christmas Eve.

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