Missed Opportunities Haunt 49ers in Crushing Loss to Division Rival

Missed Opportunities Haunt 49ers in Crushing Loss to Division Rival


We would be remiss if we didn’t put the final nail in the coffin that is the Jamal Adams business story. The 49ers would have acquired Adams, the disgruntled but talented Jets safety, according to the report.The story seemed to come out every week, with various denials and confirmations. And now that Seattle has traded for Adams, surely it’s finally dead, right?

Not so fast ESPN reporter Jeremy Fowler said three teams — the Seahawks, Cowboys and 49ers — applied.So there was something to the rumours.

The only question remains: Did the 49ers miss an opportunity or dodge a bullet?The case of lost opportunity is easy to make. How many safeties have the 49ers put on the field over the last four years? The correct answer is. . . a lot (Although, admittedly, some of that was due to injury.) Adams would be an upgrade for any team.

And if he plays up to his All Pro status, San Francisco will have two Seattle games a year to mourn the loss.On the other hand, look what the Seahawks gave up. Two first-round picks (next year and 2022) and a third-round pick in 2021.

That’s a lot. Especially since Kyle Shanahan’s team already traded third- and fifth-round picks for Trent Williams in 2021.If the 49ers made the same deal as Seattle, they would have no first, third or fifth picks next year. That’s a lot of pressure on your second and fourth players.



The Adams contract is a coin toss in a sense. He is 24 years old, a two-time Pro Bowler. But he has a really expensive price. If I had to pay, I’d do what the 49ers seem to be doing — get in the conversation, see how high the stakes are, then get out when the Jets asked for more than they were willing to pay. The deal for me would be questions about Adams instability.

The phrase “unfortunate Jamal Adams” is used so often that it appears as a search term on Google. After three years, Adams made it clear that he didn’t want to jump anywhere on the Jets’ journey and set out to do just that. There is no surer way to start a firestorm than to attack the head coach personally. And Adams too.He complained that Adam Gaze was distinct and didn’t bother the players.

Adams’ particular complaint, he said, was that when the team had a bad first half, Gaze didn’t talk to the team. He had an assistant for that.”I don’t feel he is the right leader to take this organization to the promised land,” Adams told the New York Daily News.

(To which many of us said, “People in football still compare the promised land?”)And for good reason, Adams also trashed GM Joe Douglas, claiming Douglas promised to extend his contract but didn’t. . to deliver It didn’t take long before the Jets began actively pursuing Adams, rightly thinking they could get a draft pick in return. Hence rumors and speculations.And here’s the Jamal Adams deal in a nutshell. Seattle hopes he plays great, justifies the cost and doesn’t upset head coach Pete Carroll.

San Francisco is hoping that not only can it find good players with salvaged draft picks, but they will be much cheaper.And here we are debating which side was right.Major League Baseball has bad news for the NFL.Baseball is the canary in the professional sports coal mine. The bat and ball lovers were the first to start their season and were closely monitored for the effects of the coronavirus.

Other sports are making their own anti-virus plans – like the NBA Bio Cup in Orlando – but everyone knew football would be the hardest. Even everyone’s favorite infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said, “It would be very difficult to see how football could be played this fall.”But what if baseball can handle it? Wouldn’t that give everyone hope? Wouldn’t that show that it can be done?Well, as we know, baseball started season 2.0 last week. Strict protocols were put in place.

Managers, coaches and some players wore masks. There were no fans in the stands.And MLB didn’t even make it in one week. A total of 14 Marlins players and coaches have tested positive for COVID-19, it was announced today (Monday). The league immediately canceled the next game against Baltimore while the Marlins were isolated and tested. And of course that meant the Phillies, who played the Marlins over the weekend, also had to stop the game and test to see if they were infected.

And the Yankees, who were scheduled to play the Phillies, were told the game was canceled and would have to stay in their hotel rooms.All this is not encouraging for the NFL to start the season. Again, there is talk of “bubble” groups where they would live in a safe, sterile environment.

But with players, coaches, trainers and medical staff, NFL teams can easily grow to 100 people. The logistics are daunting.And then in the stuff-I-never-thought-of-but-now-you-name column, SI’s Albert Breer says the NFL’s deep thinkers are worried about a nightmare scenario — what if the virus spreads worldwide . quarterback room? Remember that even if players don’t show symptoms, they still need to be quarantined.

Will not play until the test is negative. You wouldn’t have a quarterback.Breer spoke with agent Mike McCartney, who says teams may consider an odd solution — hiring a COVID quarterback. He did not come to the team, but attended team meetings etc. virtually and practiced on his own. Then if the virus hits the other quarterbacks, he would be the insurance QB.I understand, but isn’t this another example of the NFL bending over backwards to force.

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