NBC Analyst Florio: 49ers to Dominate Ravens on Christmas Day

NBC Analyst Florio: 49ers to Dominate Ravens on Christmas Day

The Baltimore Ravens recently said they were disrespected by the players because they saw them as underdogs in their Christmas Day matchup with the San Francisco 49ers.

If the good people of Las Vegas don’t respect them, wait until they hear what NBC analyst and Pro Football Talk creator Mike Florio has to say about the upcoming Week 16 game.

During the game preview, Florio and co-analyst Chris Simms discussed the 49ers vs. Ravens game, with the former giving Baltimore strong billboard material. Florio said the 49ers are going to beat the s— out of the Ravens. andquot; andquot;49ers kick the s— out of the Ravens.

I’m sorry I know it’s disrespectful to the Ravens, but let’s be realistic, Florio said. – They have to fly across the country on Christmas Eve and the 49ers are waiting. And the 49ers will dismantle the Ravens. If this is a preview of the Super Bowl, the Super Bowl is classless.

” The NBC Sports host mentioned 49ersand#039; health and the fact that the Ravens must travel to San Francisco because he believes that they will destroy Baltimore.

With a +191 point differential and a six-game winning streak, the 49ers certainly seem like the best team in the NFL. But Baltimore, riding a four-game winning streak, has arguably the best defense in the league and should be well-equipped to withstand a machine-like 49ers offense.

Florio certainly means no disrespect, but you can bet the Ravens will definitely take those comments personally if they see them before the contest.

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