NFC Playoff Fate Hangs on 49ers vs. Rams Clash

NFC Playoff Fate Hangs on 49ers vs. Rams Clash

The San Francisco 49ers have played a best of five game this year. And when they play the Los Angeles Rams in Week 18, it could be Game 6 in prime time. It all depends on the results of the Week 17 games. The 49ers have a chance to get the No. 1 seed in the NFC this week, while the Rams have a chance to make the playoffs. However, both teams need more than a win to achieve their script. They need help from other teams if they lose.

The 49ers need the Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Lions to lose, while the Rams need the Seattle Seahawks. It’s possible the 49ers and Rams win Week 17 with nothing. If that happens, the 49ers could possibly top the Rams in Week 18 on Sunday Night Football.

The NFL is holding open the regular-season finale of Sunday Night Football. That way they can bend every play to that spot to set the stage for the perfect matchup. The 49ers and Rams could be a perfect matchup with the 49ers needing a win to clinch first place while the Rams need to win to make the playoffs. There is so much at stake in the game that it could dramatically change the entire NFC playoff landscape.

It is actually the NFL’s absolute decision to change this game. Complicating matters, however, is another game in Week 18 that could have a stronger way to play in prime time. For example, the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins could be playing for the AFC East division title in Week 18.

Perhaps the NFL will view that as the greater draw. They have favored division title races for that primetime slot in the past, so maybe they continue that route. But I would pushback on that given that the 49ers and Rams can change a lot in the NFC playoff picture. And itand#039;s arguably the better game entertainment wise as well. However, the 49ers have a chance to play their best again, which I’m sure no one will complain about.

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