NFL Playoff Predictions: Upsets and Favorites in the Mix

NFL Playoff Predictions: Upsets and Favorites in the Mix

The San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens are the two biggest favorites for the Super Bowl. With the first playoffs of the season underway this week, the Niners and Ravens can enjoy the fruits of their regular season success while enjoying a BYE.

The rest of the postseason teams, however, are looking to win or go home for the weekend.Odds for all games are available at DraftKings Betting.Here are Marc’s picks:Texans over Browns: DeMeco Ryans and CJ Stroud have already made it a huge success in their first season with the Texans.

I don’t think it’s over yet. Joe Flacco was a shocking upgrade in Cleveland, which already had an exceptional defense. I’m just skeptical that Flacco’s magic will actually carry over to the postseason.LATEST VIDEOS SB NATIONDolphins-Cowboys Thanksgiving 1993 Worth RewindingIt’s November 25, 1993. We visited Miallastat and Callowo Dallastats. . Dallas controls the game with a one-point lead, but Miami sets up a field goal in the final seconds.

A strong offense could give the Dolphins a chance to get a blowout win against the defending Super Bowl champions. There is so much to unpack before we see what happens next. For that we have to rewindSEE MORE REVIEWS LESSKansas City Vs. Miami: Two teams started the season with Super Bowl dreams, but suddenly face tumultuous regular seasons in the playoffs.

I still think Kansas City’s chances for a deep postseason run are underrated. Despite their offensive struggles, they still have Patrick Mahomes and the franchise’s best defense in years. It’s hard for me to pick against them unless they face the Ravens.Steelers Bills: Shouldn’t Mike Tomlin be upset? Josh Allen’s unpredictable play always makes me want heavy underdogs against him as long as Buffalo is -500.


I just have a hard time getting behind Mason Rudolph as a playoff threat Packers over Cowboys: This is easily my biggest “riding feeling” of the end of the season. Jordan Love is a different quarterback than he was in Week 1 and looks like a viable quarterback.

The Cowboys have been very good this season despite some stinkers against the 49ers and Bills, but Green Bay finished the season a quiet 7-3 and I like their chances at +285.Lions over Rams: I’d probably pick the Rams in any other NFC first-round game.

However, the Lions are the team this week that I think will send Sean McVay and Matthew Stafford home for good this season.Eagles over Bucs: This was the toughest pick of the week. The Eagles have been a terrible team in the last few weeks of the season and are clearly in bad shape. After all, they lost to the Giants. That said, I still think the talent on their roster is closer to their 11-6 record than current perception. Regardless, I won’t be shocked if Baker Mayfield gets a playoff win..

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