Niners’ Playoff Hopes Dented with Home Loss to Ravens

Niners’ Playoff Hopes Dented with Home Loss to Ravens

The San Francisco 49ers failed in one of the biggest challenges of their season. Of course, there should be no shame in losing to the AFC leaders, and the Baltimore Ravens were nearly perfect in every aspect of the game. Then again, turning the ball over four times and losing 33-19 at home wasn’t the message they wanted to send during a potential Super Bowl preview.

That’s why QB Brock Purdy admitted that it hurt to throw after four losses, although he promised that he will be better in the final stretch of the season (Via 49ers via NBC Sports). “It hurts me,” Purdy said, referring to how he feels about his turnovers.

andquot;It hurts me.andquot; While at least two of those picks weren’t entirely in his favor, he threw away the MVP in that loss — no pun intended. There was already a lot of doubt that he was a top MVP candidate, as some still believe he is just a system quarterback and shouldn’t be given as much of an honor.

Regardless, Brock Purdy should focus on bigger goals for now. The Niners are still the team to win in the NFC and won both the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys.

The loss was a big blow to their hopes and they will have to wait at least another week before they can claim the top seed in the conference, but at least they have more than enough time to get on the drawing board and go. back to what made them successful for most of the season.

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